'Expect Big Things From Her': McEnroe Full Of Praise For Gauff

'Expect Big Things From Her': McEnroe Full Of Praise For Gauff

by Zachary Wimer

John McEnroe was full of praise for Coco Gauff ahead of the 2024 Australian Open, as he expects pretty big things from her this year.

Gauff has been achieving great results in tennis for a while, but it was only last year that she really broke out in a major way. It came after she crashed out early from Wimbledon, which she described as the lowest point of her career.

She went home, spent time with her family, and then started preparing for the US Open. She played in Washington and won. She played in Cincinnati, won, and finally triumphed at the US Open.

It was finally proof that she could go all the way and win like the best do. It was also a significant moment for McEnroe, who got to observe it from a pretty clear vantage point as a native New Yorker as it proved what he always believed.

Now he's backing her to win even more in the future, possibly even this year.

"She [Gauff] is not as big as [Elena] Rybakina, [Aryna] Sabalenka, or [Iga] Swiatek, but she’s extremely athletic the way [Carlos] Alcaraz is. I expect her to win more majors. It can be done. She is in a good place mentally, and added pieces to her team recently like Brad Gilbert, who knows what it takes."

Speaking further to Eurosport, McEnroe talked about her youth and how significant that is. She already has so much experience, and she's not even 20. We will be seeing her on the tennis courts for at least the next ten years, which is plenty of time to create some tennis history.

"I expect big things from her and she’s still young. Over the next 10 years I would be surprised if she doesn’t win a bunch of majors."


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