Cornet Calls Out Italian Open Scheduling After WTA Final

Cornet Calls Out Italian Open Scheduling After WTA Final

Veteran player Alize Cornet called the timing of the Italian Open final between Anhelina Kalinina and Elena Rybakina 'sad'.

The French player was wondering whether it could have been pushed back to Sunday. The WTA edition of the Italian Open concluded last night with the final between Elena Rybakina and Anhelina Kalinina. Rybakina 'won' the match and many will be glad it's over because it hasn't been a memorable one, at least not how you want it to be.

The event was plagued by unprecedented rainfall, leaving the organizers wondering what to do with the scheduling. They ran into the same problem last night with the final beginning at 23:00 local time due to the multiple rain delays which pushed everything back. It was a short match followed by a really odd trophy ceremony where the crowd booed the organizers.

Some would say it was a fitting ending considering how the event went, but it could have been a much more pleasant experience for all involved. Veteran player Alize Cornet followed the match and wondered whether the MATCH could have been pushed back to Sunday with the starting time being more fitting for a final.

A little sad to see that the women's final of one of the biggest @wta event of the season is starting at 11pm. Nobody in the stands of course, and not really cool for both players to start such an important match so late...Why not put both men and women's finals tomorrow?

The match began at around 23:00 local time which is not ideal for anybody. The players would have preferred an earlier start, the organizers certainly as well. The crowd would have been even bigger had it started earlier so it would have been a better experience for all of those involved. Still it ended the way it did and some would says good riddance to this year's edition.


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