Collins Shuts Down Question About Upcoming Retirement Contributing To Her Current Form

Collins Shuts Down Question About Upcoming Retirement Contributing To Her Current Form

by Zachary Wimer

Danielle Collins is enjoying the best stretch of her career in her final year on the WTA Tour, and she won't allow anybody to misrepresent what it means.

The American had a decent career up until this year, with some notable highlights, such as her run in Australia a few years ago. She went all the way to the final, where she lost to Ashleigh Barty in the final match of the Australian's career.

She also had some other good moments, but she never played as well as she's playing this year because this year's performance has been consistent and dominant.

She had some good moments earlier in the year, but she has been on a tear in recent weeks, starting with the Miami Open, where she won the biggest trophy of her career.

She followed it up with a trophy in Charleston and is now playing well on clay as well. She lost against ARyna Sabalenka in Madrid and is now facing the Belarusian in the Italian Open semi-final, so it's just been an amazing run for her.

Despite that, she won't be changing her plans to retire later this year. She's ready to move on from tennis and do other things, like starting a family. Some have called upon her to continue, but that's not in her plans.

Some have also pointed to her retirement as the reason why she's playing so well because she's 'playing freely'. She completely blasted that notion, admitting that she doesn't know what that means. Her good play is because she put in a lot of work in the previous years.

"I don’t really know what that means, to play freely. I’ve put so much work into this over the years. My success is a product of that and I hope people can respect that."


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