'Coco Will Be Dominant Server': Roddick Shares Details Of Their Off-Season Session

'Coco Will Be Dominant Server': Roddick Shares Details Of Their Off-Season Session

by Zachary Wimer

Former server per excellence Andy Roddick is sure that Coco Gauff will become a dominant server in the future.

The teenager struggled with her serve in the past, but there is tremendous potential there, according to former player Andy Roddick, who even worked with the American to make it better.

Several things benefit this claim by Roddick, and it's mostly the amount of power the American generates. She served the fastest serve at the Australian Open, and that's not something that will evaporate overnight.

Precision is important, but speed matters too, if you want to become a dominant server. Being a dominant server has many perks, as Serena Williams's career showed. It allows the player to get an early rhythm in the rally, making everything easier afterward.

In the first episode of his podcast, Served with Roddick, he touched upon the American's serve and the offseason work they did on it.

"With Coco, 15 minutes in she understood the concept. The good ones (first serves) were 124, pretty much on command. The second serve was consistent, had more height. She has the tools now, albeit there's going to be a learning curve. But credit to her, taking something new and walking it out a month later."

The bottom line for Roddick was that he was blown away. He walked away from their sessions, fully convinced that the American would become a dominant server in the future, and that's a pretty scary thought for all her rivals.

" I think Coco will be a dominant server, I was blown away by the two or three days we spent together, the feedback she's able to give, what she's able to take in, and the professional manner."

"There are people who don't work as hard... they're not a household name like Coco Gauff is. For someone who hasn't turned 20, I was absolutely blown away. I would show up for her anytime she asks, I was so impressed with her."


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