Andreescu Reveals Why She Was 'Ashamed To Go To School' When Starting Career

Andreescu Reveals Why She Was 'Ashamed To Go To School' When Starting Career

by Sebastian Dahlman

Bianca Andreescu recalled in a recent interview her experience with school as it wasn't that smooth for obvious reasons.

If you want to become a professional tennis player, then most of your time has to go towards that. There is very little time for school, even though it's a vital part of basically all people's lives.

For Andreescu, school was a strange experience. It was very different from the regular school experience, so much so that, at times, she felt ashamed to go to school because people laughed at her for having to carry racquets around with her.

She recalled school memories in an interview with Romanian publication Gazeta Sporturilor, admitting that at times she "felt ashamed to go to school."

My parents sacrificed a lot for me. They took a lot of time off work. That's a big sacrifice. I made sacrifices at school too. I didn't realize it until I was 13-14 years old, when I went to high school in Canada. I went to training about four times a day. I was doing fitness, I was doing a lot. I only went to school for two or three hours a day.

I was ashamed to go to school. I had to bring the bag with rockets, and some kids asked me why I was doing that, they laughed at me. I was ashamed! But my parents told me that if I want to do this, it doesn't matter what people say. It was hard for me, but I listened to my parents.

It was worth it in the end because Andreescu would work her way to become a really fine player. She bested Serena Williams in a Grand Slam final, and that's a great achievement.

It hasn't been that great lately because of many injuries, but she's working hard to get back where she was before the injuries started.


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