'100% Believe In Her Not Being Guilty, But Something Must Have Happened': Halep's Former Coach

'100% Believe In Her Not Being Guilty, But Something Must Have Happened': Halep's Former Coach

by Sebastian Dahlman

Simona Halep has yet to see her doping case get resolved as her former coach, Wim Fissette, fully believes her innocence.

Simona Halep has been out of tennis for a whole year due to testing positive for a banned substance, and it's yet to be resolved. There have been multiple pushbacks since then, leaving both Halep and many fans frustrated.

After the most recent one, Halep posted an update explaining how disappointing it is. She saw many tennis figures like her former coach, Darren Cahill, and veteran players like Alize Cornet and John Millman speak on her behalf.

In fairness, the situation is a bit ridiculous, considering how long it's taking. Some of that was to be expected due to bureaucracy, but this is a bit too much. Even so, many are sure that Halep will emerge triumphant from the situation, including her former coach, Wim Fissette, who considers her 100 % innocent.

Simona, yeah, I worked with her for a good year. Was really nice time. I mean, as far as I know her, 100% believe in her not being guilty of taking something she shouldn't take. But obviously something must have happened, or they must have found something in her blood.

Honestly, I haven't read, like, all the details about it, but, you know, she's waiting already very, very long time to hear what's gonna happen to her, and, like, you know, she's been really good for women's tennis. Like, she always showed up and was fighting for every match, you know, like very popular player. I hope to see her back very soon.

There is very little information available as to when it might happen, with many holding out hope that it will be soon. Halep was spotted on the tennis courts recently, however, very little is known. Fans hope she gets cleared by the end of the year and returns at the Australian Open.


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