Uncle Toni Certain Rafael Nadal Will Be Back At Roland Garros Next Year

Uncle Toni Certain Rafael Nadal Will Be Back At Roland Garros Next Year

The 2023 Roland Garros began on Sunday, May 28th and it's the first one in a very long time that won't feature Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal withdrew from the 2023 Roland Garros after not being able to recover from his hip injury in time. The Spaniard also revealed that the 2024 season will likely be his last on the tennis Tour which means that next year's Roland Garros is going to be his last one.

It's going to be a bittersweet moment for many players including Nadal who will try to finish things off with an iconic 15th Roland Garros trophy. Just being able to finish a career that way would be truly iconic and Toni Nadal has no worries about Nadal being there.

In an exclusive interview with Tennis Majors, the Spanish coach reflected on being in Paris without his nephew and the prospect of him making a return to the event next year. He did put a small caveat on it by saying that he believes because he wants to believe.

Yes! I believe because I want to believe. I know that it’s getting harder to win with every year passing by, but I always believe that things will work out well.

It's also the first Roland Garros Toni Nadal is attending as a coach that won't feature his nephew Rafa. It's a strange thing for him because Nadal never missed Roland Garros so far in his career and the result of it will be him leaving the top 100 for the first time in 20 years.

It’s disappointing that he can’t be here because this is the only tournament he never missed since the start of his career. Look, it was bad luck that he wasn’t able to recover in time, but OK – it’s a shame, but life goes on.


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