With 'Mental Calmness Of Veteran' Tsitsipas Is Ready To Tackle ATP Finals Challenge

With 'Mental Calmness Of Veteran' Tsitsipas Is Ready To Tackle ATP Finals Challenge

by Sebastian Dahlman

Stefanos Tsitsipas is ready for the ATP Finals because he believes his experience should help him against some of the younger players.

Stefanos Tsitsiaps is by no means a veteran on the ATP Tour, but he's been around for a few years. He certainly has some experience with the ATP Finals, having played at the event a few times and actually won it.

The form has looked pretty decent recently, so he's obviously quite optimistic about his chances in Turin. It's not been the greatest event for him, but it's a surface where he can play well at.

Speaking to the ATP before the event, Tsitsipas talked about the importance of the year-end tournament compared to the Grand Slams.

I do believe that the [Nitto] ATP Finals come extremely close to a Slam experience. A Grand Slam you get to play even if you're No.200 in the World, but not many people can say that they've played the Nitto ATP Finals, so for me, it has a significant importance. And it carries a lot of legacy and a lot of history with it. To be playing in such an event, very few people can brag about.

It's an interesting take from Tsitsipas, who has shown himself to be a thinker in the past. He also shared how his perspective changed this year as he assumed more of a veteran presence on Tour.

I do have the mental calmness of a veteran and I feel that changing. I felt this big change this year. I'm starting to feel and think different. This morning, I was actually reflecting on how much I have personally changed in my personality in the way also that I think about life and tennis on its own. 

I don't know, whether that's maturing or getting at a certain age where your perspective kind of changes but it has definitely been different for me for the past few months.


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