'We Want To See Rafa Healthy And Playing His Best': Djokovic On Rival's Comeback

'We Want To See Rafa Healthy And Playing His Best': Djokovic On Rival's Comeback

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic is happy to see Rafael Nadal back to playing again as he hopes to face him at least once more before they both retire.

Djokovic and Nadal have played a handful of times so far, and the next match will be the 60th they will ever play on the ATP Tour. That's an incredible number, and it would be also a nice round number to finish their rivalry, in which the Serbian leads 30-29 at the moment.

There are still a few more events in the future where it could happen after they both lost in Rome, but it was great to have them both back in the same draw again. As the Serb told Sky Sports, it's been a while since it happened, and that's why there was a special buzz in Rome.

"It's mostly business as usual. We haven't seen each other in person here. We have obviously different training schedules and everything else. There is that element of something special in the air because we haven't played the same tournament in quite a while."

Djokovic on being in the same draw as Nadal

Djokovic is also glad to have Nadal back into the sport because he's one of the legends and not having him in the sport will start a new chapter for tennis. He seems to be playing and practicing pain-free so hopefully that continues until Roland Garros which will be amazing with both of them in the draw.

"I guess in this stage of our careers it is quite special. The crowd and the fans appreciate and value that, so that's why there is a great buzz. We want to see Rafa healthy nad playing his best."

"Roland Garros is around the corner, that's where he played his best tennis so it's great to see him training well and pain free."


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