'We Cut Off Personal Calls': Alcaraz's Agent On Protecting Him From 'Opportunists'

'We Cut Off Personal Calls': Alcaraz's Agent On Protecting Him From 'Opportunists'

by Nurein Ahmed

Carlos Alcaraz's agent, Albert Molina, opened up about his role in preventing the Spaniard from communicating with "opportunists" looking to take advantage of his fame and wealth.

Alcaraz has been a breath of fresh air in men's tennis at a time when the top tier is experiencing a major shakeup. With the old guard slowly leaving the limelight, the 21-year-old has emerged as the face of the sport.

He rose to prominence in the 2022 season, defeating both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on his way to winning the Madrid Open. That same year, Alcaraz won his first Grand Slam at the US Open and became the youngest World No. 1 in ATP history.

Alcaraz sustained that success in 2023, winning Wimbledon and, in the current season, winning his first French Open title last Sunday. Because of his rapid ascent, there is a massive following of the Spaniard's career.

On Instagram, he became the sixth tennis player to cross the 5 million mark in followers. His net worth has soared, too, after he made the Top 10 list of the highest prize money earners in tennis.

Interest in Alcaraz from a business and private level has intensified, and Molina is tasked with keeping tabs on who gets a direct communication line to the World No. 2 in order to prevent "opportunists" from taking advantage of his success.

"One of the worst parts of my job has to do with rejecting communication with some people or sectors interested in Alcaraz. Not only with interested people who sign up at the moment and want to talk or be close to Carlos at that moment."

Albert Molina spoke on El Partizado de COPE podcast

"We cut off personal calls unless he says that one is really important. Opportunists have no option to talk to him."

While fame and success have many pros for young athletes, there are also potential pitfalls, which is why players like Alcaraz need trustworthy agents and advisors to support them throughout.

However, Molina joked that there are instances in which Alcaraz receives personal calls, including those from women, of which he is not aware and that the youngster keeps them confidential.

"There are people who don't go through me. I'm sure there will also be some female calls we didn't find out."


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