WATCH: 'Screaming Like B*tch': Drama In Lyon As Fucsovics Clashes With Baez

WATCH: 'Screaming Like B*tch': Drama In Lyon As Fucsovics Clashes With Baez

by Balasz Virag

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Marton Fucsovics and Sebastian Baez met in the first round of the 2023 Lyon Open and the match was really fiery.

The sixth-seeded Argentinian was the better player in the match, winning in two hours and five minutes 6-4, 7-6(5) in the first meeting between Baez and Fucsovics on the ATP Tour. But it was also maybe the fact that the two met for the first time that caused the tensions.

Fucsovics is a 31-year-old veteran while his opponent is a 22-year-old youngster and the Hungarian wasn't particularly happy about some of the things that his opponent was doing on the court and he has decided to discuss it with him directly on the court during their match at the 2023 Lyon Open.

During one of the changeovers, the Hungarian approached his opponent, asking: "How old are you? 12 years old?" With irony, Baez responded to his question, saying: "No, 22." That was then followed by a monologue from Fucsovics.

"Acting like a 12-year-old. These f*cking young 20-year-old guys. Not that he is the only one. Playing so unfair. Vamos for every point I miss, screaming like a b*tch."

The umpire soon interfered as he didn't like Fucsovic's language toward his opponent. He stated that they can discuss the situation, but prompted the Hungarian to avoid the language that he was using.

"It's ok if you talk with me, but I don't want this kind of language. I understand that you are frustrated and that you don't like it, but I don't want these words. I'm happy to talk with you about it."

Responding to the umpire, Fucsovics recalled his last week's match in Rome against Cameron Norrie, who was called out also by Novak Djokovic for being 'unfair'.

"It was the same last week against Norrie, they are allowed to do this."


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