WATCH: Kyrgios' First Hilarious On-Air Slip Of Tongue During Commentary Debut

WATCH: Kyrgios' First Hilarious On-Air Slip Of Tongue During Commentary Debut

by Evita Mueller

Nick Kyrgios had his first commentating assignment with the Tennis Channel recently, and he was already part of a viral moment.

Commentating is a tricky thing because most people are not used to applying a filter to the way they speak. You really have to be careful to avoid saying something inappropriate or, worse, even offensive.

That type of stuff gets you fired, but luckily for Kyrgios, he's a career to fall back up. It was great to see him around tennis again after he missed much of this year because of multiple injuries.

The Australian is currently commentating for Tennis Channel, and he was in the booth for the match between Andrey Rublev and Carlos Alcaraz, which the Spaniard won and had a minor slip that quickly went viral, of course.

You look at people who have had sex... success against um, Medvedvev - Alcaraz, every time he plays against Medvedev, he is moving forward, taking all those volleys, taking time away from. It's crucial.

Kyrgios during the live broadcast

Welcome to your first Tennis Channel viral moment, Nick. That was good. We'll replay it for you during the commercial.

Kyrgios co- commentator's response on his slip-up

We'll see if the Australian has another moment like this because he'll be part of the broadcast for the upcoming matches as well. It's interesting for him because he was in Turin last year playing with Thanasi Kokkinakis in the doubles.

A year later, he's commentating on the event because he played only one match in the entire year. It's somewhat heartbreaking, but he's working hard on a comeback even though we don't really know when it might happen.

He provided a minor update, which didn't sound too optimistic. Time will ultimately tell, but there is seemingly a good chance that we won't see Kyrgios in Australia as it's only really two months away.


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