WATCH: Ball Boys Join Play During Legends' Doubles Match At Wimbledon

WATCH: Ball Boys Join Play During Legends' Doubles Match At Wimbledon

by Balasz Virag

The Wimbledon Invitational event is currently taking place as some legends of the game are battling it out on the court, and in one match fans could see ball boys take part as well.

The Wimbledon Legends event is a very chill and laid-back tennis event for former players to remind themselves of their glory days. It happens every year, and some of those matches are good watches due to players opting to entertain the crowd more as part of the competition.

Some of the ways they do that is by giving the ball boys a chance to play some tennis and that's what happened in the match between Tommy Haas and Mark Philippoussis, and Romain Grosjean and Radek Stepanek. It was early in the second set when the Australian and German opted to give their racquet to two ball boys hoping to rest up a bit after playing great tennis in the first set.

It's not the first time we saw that at Wimbledon or any other event. One famous moment happened during an exhibition match between Sofia Kenin and Coco Gauff in Atlanta. The latter had a match point and gave the ball kid her racquet to play the match point expecting Kenin to easily win it.

She actually lost the point which will certainly be a moment she'll remember for quite some time though in fairness she didn't really go full throttle either. The ball kids however didn't win the points here even though Grosjean and Stepanek didn't go fully at them either.

In the end, the French/Czech combination lost the match in two sets, and maybe it was the ball kids who helped. Philippoussis is mostly coaching these days, but he certainly has some tennis left. Haas, too but he never left tennis as he ran the Indian Wells Masters in recent years.


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