WATCH: Alcaraz Limps Out Of Stadium In Pain After Brutal Injury In Rio

WATCH: Alcaraz Limps Out Of Stadium In Pain After Brutal Injury In Rio

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz hasn't really had much luck this season, and the last thing he needed was an injury, and yet it happened.

Tennis is a very brutal sport, both in the way it's played and in the way it can wreck a player's body. Nothing showed that as clearly as the most recent Alcaraz's injury, which might have been the most gruesome he's had on a tennis court yet.

It certainly looked gruesome, even though he came out later, admitting that it's really not as bad as it initially looked. And it looked really bad. He rolled his ankle just in the second point of his first-round match, and after playing some more rallies on it, the Spaniard opted to retire.

He had a lengthy medical timeout on the court, which showed the ankle swelling pretty quickly, and he looked quite worried and in serious pain. He actually limped out of the stadium following the injury, which is obviously not a sight you ever want to see.

However, the early reports suggest that it's not really that bad. It was supposed to be a busy schedule for Alcaraz in the coming weeks as he's supposed to play Rafael Nadal in the Netflix Slam in Las Vegas in 12 days.

After that, he's supposed to play in Indian Wells, where he's actually the defending champion, and after that, there is the Miami Open, where he also had a good run. Yet, an ankle injury right now could cause him to miss all of those tournaments, and that wouldn't be very good.

He likely expects to play at all of them after he was told that the injury is likely not that bad, but he will have to wait and see and work on recovery. He's notorious for downplaying any physical issues, as he's done that in the past.


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