Tsitsipas Hits Out At His Former Physio After Claims About Lack Of Work Ethic

Tsitsipas Hits Out At His Former Physio After Claims About Lack Of Work Ethic

by Zachary Wimer

Not too long ago, Stefanos Tsitsipas' former physio spoke against him after departing the Greek's team, questioning his work ethic, which surprised many.

The longstanding assumption on the ATP Tour has been that Tsitsipas is a really hard worker. The Greek is one of the physically strongest players capable of playing for hours in the sun without even 'breaking a sweat.'

It's clear that he works hard because a player can't make it to the top of tennis without doing that, but Christos Fiotakis's comments still surprised many.

Form issues in recent years have certainly raised questions about what is going on with a player who was once described as 'obsessed with tennis.' Tsitsipas has now spoken about the claims, admitting that he found the comments strange because, in his own words, he works hard every single day.

"It was his decision to come out and say what he said. I work hard every day and when I hear someone say that I'm not putting in the work and that I'm not dedicated and focused on what I'm doing, it seems a little strange to me. All I do all day is live and breathe tennis."

According to the Greek player, their split came because the contract ended as it was only meant to be until Roland Garros.

"Anyway our last written agreement expired after Roland Garros and we would see if we could continue. We had made a contract from the beginning of January until the end of Roland Garros."

The best rebuttal for Tsitsipas would be to show his qualities on the tennis court. It's not been his best year so far, but there is still time for him to do some great things. Overall, he's still one of the better players on Tour, and that wouldn't happen if he didn't really work hard.


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