Tsitsipas Admits To 'Regretting Certain Things' After Reaching Australian Open Final

Tsitsipas Admits To 'Regretting Certain Things' After Reaching Australian Open Final

by Sebastian Dahlman

Stefanos Tsitsipas recapped his year so far ahead of the 2023 Canadian Open after a journalist asked him about his up-and-down season.

The Greek player started the 2023 season on fire, playing fantastic tennis in Australia. He played his way to the Australian Open final, a losing effort to Novak Djokovic, but overall it's been the best part of his year results-wise. He admitted as much when asked about it, though he also let slip that he regretted some things during it.

Tsitsipas didn't offer an in-depth explanation about what he regretted, but he accepts that it's in the past now and all he can really do was learn from the experience so that the next time it happens, things go better for him.

My season has been good. I think I played my best tennis at the Australian Open swing. I regret certain things that I did and proceeded into after that, and I hope I can just learn from that.

Tsitsipas on the Australian Open swing

Things go that well after that, with his injury not allowing him to play the way he wanted. He mostly regrets not collecting many ATP points during that, a sentiment that is prevalent in relation to his clay results. Having the goal of being number one in the world means that he needs points, and he left a lot of them on the table.

And my clay court swing, in my opinion, could have been better. I wish I could have collected much more points there. But now it's part of the past. I need to keep moving the present moment and take those opportunities and then maximize on them.

Things looked better last week in Los Cabos as he won the trophy thanks to playing some amazing tennis against a somewhat depleted draw. Whether he can keep it up during the US Open stretch remains to be seen but he has a goal of finishing the year strong.

You know, I have big standards in terms of finishing the year strong, and I want to deliver to that promise of mine. I want to finish the year and go on a nice vacation and say as much as I can and have a big impact on the tour at the end of the year.


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