'This Attitude Won't Happen Again': Sinner On Learning From Previous Losses

'This Attitude Won't Happen Again': Sinner On Learning From Previous Losses

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner is eager to prove his progress from last year's Roland Garros which ended with a really bad loss to Daniel Altmaier.

The Italian didn't have a very good Roland Garros last year as he was stunned by Daniel Altmaier early in the event. It was a huge shock to everybody including Sinner who didn't know how to explain the loss after the match.

It was a brilliant match from Altmaier but even so, Sinner was expected to win it rather comfortably. He's come a long with since then as he arrived at this year's Roland Garros as a Grand Slam champion. Winning in Melbourne was a huge boost for him and he wants to prove that he changed his attitude.

In an interview with The Guardian Sinner spoke about learning from his losses and that the match against Altmaier was a huge lesson for him.

“I’m always trying to learn from my losses and that was a tough one. My mindset was not great and I promised myself this attitude won’t happen again. It was time to try my best with a smile. There is pressure, obviously, but pressure is a privilege.”

The Italian never had as much pressure as he had this year but he's handled it pretty well. The way he finished last year positioned him as a likely breakout star this year and he delivered. It's not easy because many players have crumbled before under the pressure but he enjoys it. He enjoys feeling the pressure.

“I like to dance in the pressure storm. You have to enjoy the pressure because it’s not like we are doctors doing surgery. You make a mistake as a doctor and it can cost a life. We just win or lose and next week you have another chance.”


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