Sinner Wants To Challenge Alcaraz In Miami But Knows Fritz's Qualities

Sinner Wants To Challenge Alcaraz In Miami But Knows Fritz's Qualities

by Zachary Wimer

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Jannik Sinner will be playing in the 2023 Miami Open semifinals but he's still yet to know who will be his opponent.

The young Italian defeated Emil Ruusuvuori in his quarterfinal match, but since the rain halted the action in Miami he doesn't know who he will be playing next just yet. After winning a rain-delayed match, Sinner spoke about his win.

"We both played well today but I won the important points. It's never easy when you are up and you get interrupted, but I came back and played well."

Up next, the young Italian can challenge fellow prodigy Carlos Alcaraz or the highest-ranked American, Taylor Fritz, speaking about the upcoming clash, Sinner said:

“I don’t want to talk about only the potential match against Carlos, because he has a tough match today.”

“I said to my team after Indian Wells I would love to play against Carlos. Talking about last match, and if we play here, I would be happy to play against him again because I look forward for these kind of matches. As I said there, I feel like he makes me a better player.” 

Another meeting between Alcaraz and Sinner will be surely a blockbuster that we may be seeing for many years to come. When asked about the potential meeting at the Hard Rock Stadium, the Italian said:

“Let’s see what’s coming here, no? I’m just looking forward for these kind of matches, no? And then we see the outcome, and if it’s good, it’s good. If not, we see what we have to improve again.” 

But the Italian wants to avoid comparisons with Alcaraz, who is currently the highest-ranked player on the ATP Tour, and he rather focuses on his own path.

“I just stay focused about myself, no? I have my own path. I have my own way to go. I know that I can still improve many things, and that’s a positive I can see because I still can improve, and I can play already good level now. So let’s see.” 


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