Sinner To Play French Open Only If He's '100% Competitive' After Recent Injury

Sinner To Play French Open Only If He's '100% Competitive' After Recent Injury

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner opened up about the nature of his concerning hip injury, which seems to be quite complicated.

Hopefully, for the Italian, it's not an injury that will leave him away from the courts for months, but it could if he's not careful. The worst possible scenario that could happen during rehabilitation is pushing himself too soon and reinjuring himself again.

It often happens because athletes can overestimate their bodies because of an eagerness to compete. Sinner is not like that, and he's admitted that he will carefully heal this injury, even if it costs him events.

He withdrew from the Italian Open after being advised against playing, and he will withdraw from Roland Garros if he is advised against playing.

It's really that simple for the Italian because he won't risk his long-term future just to play in an event that will also happen next year. As Rafael Nadal's tale shows, hip injuries can be a multi-year problem, even for young players.

"I'm very careful, I don't do my usual movements. We are doing low intensity work. We will have answers in a week - a week in between. I will play Paris if I am 100% competitive. We play 3 sets out of 5, we'll have to see."

It's unfortunate for Sinner because he's enjoying the best year of his career. Ideally, he would want to keep playing when playing such good tennis, but health must always be a priority.

The last thing he wants at this stage of his career is to create an even bigger problem that will come back to bite him. Sinner is aware of the situation and doing his best to try to be ready for Paris but also not reinjure himself, and the upcoming days will be crucial in determining whether he will be ready to compete.


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