Sinner Secures World No. 1 Spot After Wimbledon With Djokovic Out Of Reach

Sinner Secures World No. 1 Spot After Wimbledon With Djokovic Out Of Reach

by Erik Virostko

Jannik Sinner is assured to be the world no. 1 player on the ATP Tour also after the 2024 Wimbledon Championships.

The young Italian rose to the world no. 1 spot only recently, and he's already collecting weeks as the top-ranked player in the ATP Rankings. He has already spent three weeks as the top-ranked player and will add more.

The closest chance where his rivals had a theoretical chance to overtake Sinner was at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, where he defends 720 points from reaching the semi-finals last year.

However, thanks to his Halle Open victory, the 22-year-old extended his lead to the point where it's impossible for his rivals to overtake him during the 2024 Championships.

Former world no. 1, Carlos Alcaraz, was ruled out of the world no. 1 fight also previously, as he can't add to his points total at SW19, since he won the tournament last year.

That means he will be defending 2,000 points, which will drop his points total to 6,130 points, being at risk of losing the world no. 3 position to Alexander Zverev, who is fourth and will have 685-point advantage over the young Spaniard unless he erases it in London.

That left the world no. 1 fight to only two men. Novak Djokovic is defending last year's final, which contributed to 1,200 points in his points total, and after losing that, the Serbian will stand at 7,160 points.

After Sinner subtracts his 720 points, the Italian would be at 9,170 points, so even if he lost in the first round (10 points), and Djokovic went on to win the title (2,000 points), there would be still a 20-point advantage to the reigning world no. 1.

On top of that, it's not expected that Sinner would lose early at the All England Club. He's one of the top favorites and may extend his lead even further.


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