Sinner Praised For 'Not Listening To Useless Cricism' After Davis Cup Snub

Sinner Praised For 'Not Listening To Useless Cricism' After Davis Cup Snub

by Sebastian Dahlman

Jannik Sinner's former coach, Riccardo Piatti, had some very nice words to say about the player following his ATP Finals final loss.

Sinner worked with Piatti in the past and spent a lot of time away from home at his Academy. It was a very good time for Sinner, who still returns to the Academy from time to time to greet the staff that essentially raised him as a young man.

Piatti is a well-known tennis coach who has worked with many great players like Maria Sharapova. He posted a letter for Sinner on social media after the Italian's loss to Novak Djokovic in the ATP Finals final. According to Piatti, he was requested to comment on the Italian's success.

Many people have asked me for a comment on Jannik's match yesterday and in general on his week at the Turin Finals. First, I publicly would like congratulate Jannik (because privately I have already congratulated him) for this beautiful week, he played a great tournament and a high level tennis.

Because of working with Sinner before, Piatti wasn't really surprised by his level as he's aware of what the Italian has in him. For the coach it's great to see his former protege prosper, as part of his work is also reflected in Sinner's success.

I would also like to say that this does not surprise me too much, because I have always believed in him and I always knew that Jannik was ready to do great things, because in these years he has always shown a constant growth, an incredible attitude to work and consistency in results and improvement.

I can only be happy for this final and for this week, because as it happens to any teacher, of any age group, it is great to see your "students" excel and grow, both physically and professionally.

On top of that, Piatti addressed also the criticism that was directed at Sinner when he has decided not to participate in the 2023 Davis Cup Qualifiers for Italy.

In conclusion, I also wanted to say to him "bravo" for not listening to the useless criticism he received during his last non-participation in the Davis Cup, about his non-attachment "to the jersey" and about whether or not he felt Italian.

Sterile criticism that came from people who are not competent and who do not know how to perform at a high level. Jannik, weeks like this at the Finals, the future Slams you will win and the world ranking are the best way to show your attachment to Italy and to make all Italians proud to have someone like you among the best athletes in the world.


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