Sinner Hoping Rival For World No. 1 Spot Djokovic 'Comes Back As Soon As Possible'

Sinner Hoping Rival For World No. 1 Spot Djokovic 'Comes Back As Soon As Possible'

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner was the first to really challenge Novak Djokovic last year, but the Italian hopes to see the Serbian back on top soon.

Sinner was the first player to seriously trouble the 24-time major winner at the end of last year, beating him at the ATP Finals and the Davis Cup. He did the same at the start of 2024, comfortably beating him at the Australian Open, which kicked off the Serbian's tricky season.

Some other bad results from the 37-year-old clearly showed that he was having difficulties with his tennis, and things didn't go that well for him at Roland Garros recently.

He was playing some of the best tennis he had played in a really long time but unfortunately suffered a knee injury. It's just been a tough year for Djokovic, who is now looking at missing some time due to the injury and the subsequent surgery he had to undergo to fix the issue.

At the moment, it's not clear when he'll come back, but it shouldn't be months, but weeks instead. Reigning world number one on the ATP Tour, Sinner, who took the spot from Djokovic, hopes that his rival returns as soon as possible because the Tour is not the same without him.

"I hope that Novak comes back as soon as possible. Hopefully he can, somehow, play Wimbledon, because it would be a tough loss for Wimbledon not having him."

Djokovic hopes the same thing because this is the wrong summer to get injured. Wimbledon is only four weeks away, and after that, the Olympics will be played, and the Serbian player wants to play at the Games.

There is a decent chance that he won't play Wimbledon, but the Olympic Games should be his number on goal. However, all will depend on his health.


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