'Shouldn't Be That Comfortable': Alcaraz Enormous Early Success Praised By Agassi

'Shouldn't Be That Comfortable': Alcaraz Enormous Early Success Praised By Agassi

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is a tremendous tennis player who impressed former legend Andre Agassi with how comfortable he is so early in his career.

Alcaraz emerged as a teenager, and as a teenager, he became world number one. He's the youngest world number one ever on the ATP Tour, and it's just not something that's supposed to happen so easily.

Many will say that you have to learn how to win, so being able to do that at a very young age is immensely impressive. Talking about the Spaniard to the AO Show Podcast, Agassi admitted that he's a great fan of Alcaraz, who impressed him with his composure early on in his career.

The former American great shared the story of how he met Alcaraz and what his impressions of the rising star are.

"It was the first time I had a chance to meet him (Carlos Alcaraz) which I was thrilled about. I’ve only sort of been able to appreciate him as a fan, watching him play."

"Yeah, he’s just so easy to like even from a distance and then meeting him, his spirit is so warm. I mean his smile is like, it lights you up so just watching him sort of capture the imagination of the public, I’m guilty as charged, I’m a fan."

There are many great admirers of Alcaraz among former players. Legend Billie Jean King admitted that she could see him end up as the greatest player of all time. Agassi certainly shares her admiration of Alcaraz, which he talked about as well.

"He’s just so authentic, so real, so sort of beyond his years. I mean you shouldn’t be that comfortable in your own skin at 20 years old, I know I wasn’t. But yeah, watching him, doesn’t matter if he’s winning or losing, you can’t tell."

"You just look at him and he’s like, he’s just all about being the best he can out there, such a competitor and such an incredible athlete. We marvel, me and Steff, we love watching him play. We just go, 'Look at this guy go.' You just want to watch him."


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