Rune Opens Up About How New Coach Becker Helps Him To Improve

Rune Opens Up About How New Coach Becker Helps Him To Improve

by Evita Mueller

Holger Rune hired Boris Becker not too long ago, and the Dane has been pretty content with the way the relationship has panned out so far.

Rune hired Becker at probably the lowest point of his professional career. He struggled tremendously over the summer, losing multiple matches and holding a 1-9 record in his last ten matches at the time.

Then, he hired the German before the European indoor season, a part of the calendar that Rune dominated the year before. His performances steadily improved and he was able to find himself among the best at the ATP Finals.

The credit went to Becker, who changed Rune's approach. According to Becker, the youngster's mentality wasn't very good, and his game suffered.

The success they had was enough for Rune to extend the partnership into 2024, which is very exciting for the fans of Rune. He's destined for greatness, and having a legendary tennis mind in his corner should certainly help him.

In a talk with Bola Marela, Rune explained how valuable Becker has been in recent weeks as he learns every time he works with the former legendary player.

I learn a lot every time we are on the court. And I feel like I get a wise and qualified answer every time I ask a question about anything. And sharing my thoughts with someone who was young and was among the best when he was young… It means a lot when someone understands you. Not many people do that.

Quite a few tennis people observed that Becker and Rune are a match made in heaven, and so far, it's ringed true.

The first big test in 2024 will be the Australian summer, as Rune did really well under Patrick Mouratoglou last year. Let's see whether Becker can unlock a higher level from the Dane as he continues to improve his tennis.


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