Tsitsipas Explains Why Federer Is GOAT According To Him

Tsitsipas Explains Why Federer Is GOAT According To Him

by Jamie Malachy

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Stefanos Tsitsipas has revealed that he believes Roger Federer to be the greatest player of all time, based on the overall impact that he has had on the sport.

Speaking to Marca ahead of the start of his campaign at the 2023 Madrid Open, the Australian Open finalist was asked about his thoughts on the ongoing discussion around the greatest male players of all time, given that tennis has just enjoyed a generation in which 64 Grand Slams were won by just three players.

Tsitsipas, who has long been a fan of Roger Federer, decided to go with the Swiss legend. The Greek World No. 5 based his decision on who he believes has attracted more fans to the sport, and who originally inspired Tsitsipas to pick up a tennis racket.

For me the best in history is not based on the titles, the number of Grand Slams or the number of matches you have won. The GOAT has to be the player who has attracted the most fans to a tennis court, the one who has inspired people the most to do something useful with their lives, the person who has made them enjoy the most. If we summarize all this in someone, that someone is Roger Federer.

Tsitsipas gives his verdict on the GOAT debate

Surprisingly, Tsitsipas then went on to explain that Rafael Nadal would be second in that list, ahead of career-long rival Novak Djokovic.

I stay with him and then I would say Rafa Nadal.

Tsitsipas places Nadal second in the all-time greatest list

Tsitsipas also believes that his one of the favourites at the Madrid Open over the next fortnight, especially after his run to the final at the Barcelona Open last week. He is also a former finalist at the Roland Garros and usually performs some of his best tennis on the European clay.


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