Reilly Opelka Reveals Plans To Make Tennis Comeback In Coming Weeks

Reilly Opelka Reveals Plans To Make Tennis Comeback In Coming Weeks

by Evita Mueller

Reilly Opelka has been out of tennis for a long time, but the American plans to make a comeback in the coming weeks.

While Reilly Opelka wasn't playing tennis actively this year, he remained active in the tennis season. Most of his activity came down to social media and his very outspoken views, which he's become known for, but fans will be excited to hear that he's getting ready to go back to what he does best - playing tennis.

The last time Opelka played tennis was last year at the ATP 500 event in Washington, which was well over a year ago. It's been a very long time since we've seen him on a tennis court, and he's been missed.

John Isner is not playing anymore, so we need our resident serve bot back on the courts. Luckily, he's going to make a comeback relatively soon as well. A fan asked him on Instagram about a comeback, and Opelka dropped the news that he plans to play in about ten days in Charlottesville.

It's an ATP Challenger event in the United States running from October 30th till the 5th of November. It's played on a hard court indoors, which should be a pretty easy return for Opelka as he can count on his serve to power him past opponents, keeping the intensity of the matches low.

Ben Shelton won the event last year as part of his breakout last year but Opelka is probably not aiming at winning it. He just wants to play some competitive tennis to see where he stands ahead of next year which should see him return properly.

He won the event back in 2016 so he's familiar with it, and coming back should be a nice experience. Hopefully, everything goes well, and we see him on the courts in the future.


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