Rafael Nadal's Team Denies Claims About Confirmed Australian Open Comeback

Rafael Nadal's Team Denies Claims About Confirmed Australian Open Comeback

by Evita Mueller

Rafael Nadal's team denied claims about the Spaniard's return at the Australian Open, noting that it's not yet confirmed.

It's widely expected that Rafael Nadal will return to tennis at the 2024 Australian Open because it's the first big event of the next season. We already know that Nadal will make a return next year, but we don't officially know at which event he'll come back.

His uncle Toni hinted at the Australian Open being the one, and it makes sense from a purely logical standpoint. If he's healthy, and that's a big if, then it makes no sense to skip the Australian Open, as it's literally one of the four biggest tennis events.

It might not be a historically great place for Nadal, but he'd still want to play. Craig Tiley added fuel to the fire as the Australian Open tournament director claimed recently that Nadal is confirmed to play at the event.

Nadal himself reacted to the claim on social media with a very neutral tone. He didn't confirm nor deny, simply adding that he's working hard to be fit.

Nadal's spokesperson, however, according to Stuart Fraser, denied that Nadal's participation at the event is confirmed, saying that they can't confirm anything.

It's simply too early to say, and that makes sense. His team has been generally tight-lipped for much of his career, especially regarding his health and recovery.

We have seen the reports and comments but as of today we wouldn’t be able to confirm. Definitely we don’t know yet. Too early to say. We have definitely not released any date cause we simply don’t know it. Rafa is just starting to practice.

Nadal's spokesperson on the Australian Open participation claim

Ultimately time will tell best and we don't need to wait too long for it. It's right around the corner.


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