'Pain Is Limiting': Rune Provides Injury Update After Seventh Straight Loss

'Pain Is Limiting': Rune Provides Injury Update After Seventh Straight Loss

by Sebastian Dahlman

Holger Rune updated his fans on Instagram after losing his match at the 2023 Davis Cup, admitting to feeling pain.

Rune has been playing pretty shaky tennis ever since Wimbledon, and a back issue was the cause of his problems. He's now lost seven straight matches, including the most recent one against Thiago Monteiro, which essentially lost Denmark their Davis Cup tie.

He has now provided an update on social media platform Instagram, thanking the crowd for showing up and supporting him while also speaking about his injury. He didn't talk too much about that in the past months, but he now explained what is keeping him from playing his best.

Firstly, thank you Denmark for the amazing energy this weekend at Davis Cup and congrats to my friends from Brazil.

Short update. My back has as you maybe know caused problems the past months. We tried different solutions and sometimes it seemed better but often the pain is limiting. We know what caused the problem and this is fixed so next is to get rid of the inflammation so I can play freely again.

Rune obviously has a plan for how to tackle this discomfort, which is good. It's also good that he's not dealing with the issue anymore, even though the consequences of it still impact his play. You don't want back issues with the indoor season coming up because serving becomes so vital.

This too we will take action on now. Happy to have my old team back and thank you to everyone supporting me. It means everything. My dreams and goals are as high as always. I am number 4 in the world and the journey has just started.

But as Rune said, this is just the beginning, so there is plenty of time to heal and return to playing well and winning titles on the ATP Tour.


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