'No Gratitude Towards Him': Berrettini's Mental Coach Bewildered By Hateful Comments

'No Gratitude Towards Him': Berrettini's Mental Coach Bewildered By Hateful Comments

by Zachary Wimer

Many fans have viciously attacked Matteo Berrettini on social media, shocking his mental coach, Stefano Massari.

The Italian player has been dealing with many injury issues in the past year, which have caused him to miss a lot of time on the tennis courts. This coincided with some news in his private life, and it created a lot of backlash both domestically and internationally.

Many fans thought Berrettini was not taking tennis seriously, pointing out that his injuries were likely a product of that. Many things were said, and it shocked his mental coach, Stefano Massari, who was there and experienced all of that with him.

He spoke about that in a recent interview with Fanpage.it, pointing out how much pressure some of these athletes have to face and how difficult it can be to deal with that.

"Today, champions are subjected to pressures that those of 20-30 years ago could not even dream of because there is a paradoxical development of social media. A champion must learn to manage this, and it is very difficult."

"We live in a wild world, in the worst sense of the word. You risk being torn to pieces and even in this Matteo Berrettini had great strength of mind, because opprobrious things were said and written about him."

"An insult to the human race, we are talking about the only Italian tennis player to reach the Wimbledon final, someone who opened a path for his other colleagues. There is no gratitude towards him, but only bar opinions in the majority on social media."

He also spoke about Berrettini's tennis, admitting that he's one of the top players when the Italian is good physically. It's just that he wasn't very good physically lately which made things more complicated.

"I am convinced that if he is well, physically, he has every chance of returning to very high levels. It is clear that injuries have had a huge impact. If you get hurt and heal, then you get hurt again and heal... he has extraordinary strength but he is also exhausting like things."


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