Nadal Warns 'Not To Rush Into Judgements' About Still Young Alcaraz

Nadal Warns 'Not To Rush Into Judgements' About Still Young Alcaraz

Rafael Nadal is impressed with what Carlos Alcaraz has been able to do so far in his career, but he warned that he's still young.

Being great at a very young age is something Rafael Nadal knows well because he was that kid 20 years ago. Nadal swiftly established himself as a menace, especially on clay, and we all saw what happened in the next 10-15 years.

Carlos Alcaraz has had a similar trajectory, being a two-time Grand Slam champion at 20. The most recent one came at Wimbledon this year, and that win was his most impressive. Taking down Novak Djokovic on the Centre Court of Wimbledon, a court the Serbian hadn't lost in over ten years, means you're special.

Even so, Nadal warned against projecting too much onto Alcaraz in a recent interview with Movistar+. The Spaniard looks destined for greatness, but nobody knows the future.

We should not rush into judgments about him. He has a brutal projection. He has the power, the ambition... But later in the careers of each athlete, many things can happen.

Nadal was also asked whether he advised Alcaraz, and he admitted that he's not the best with advice. It stems from his example, as he learnt the most by looking at examples and not really words. He did say that he should keep improving, which will keep him motivated throughout his career.

It is difficult to advise him. I am very bad at advising because I have learned more from examples than from words. But if I had to tell him something, I would only tell him to keep improving or at least have the hope of doing it, which is what keeps you motivated.

We might see them together in Paris next year for the Olympics. It's a dream for Alcaraz, but let's see if Nadal's health holds up.


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