Nadal Makes History As First To Win Laureus For Both Sport And Humanitarian Work

Nadal Makes History As First To Win Laureus For Both Sport And Humanitarian Work

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal has won several Laureus Awards for Sportsman of the Year, but now he's won one for his Humanitarian work.

The Spaniard attended the 2024 Laureus Awards in Madrid this year and accepted an award, but it's not the one he won before. Nadal has won a couple of Sportsperson of the Year awards in the past (in 2011 and 2021), but this year, he was rewarded for humanitarian work.

The Spaniard uses his privileged position in life to help others through his Rafa Nadal Foundation, and their work has now been recognized. The foundation was created in 2010, and it's been spearheaded by his wife, Maria Francisca Perello, since its inception.

The stated goal is 'breaking down barriers standing in the way of social inclusion.'' The foundation was honored for its long-term work

"It is such an amazing honour to pick up this Award in recognition of work being done at Fundación Rafa Nadal. It is testament to the combined efforts of our committed team – both in Spain and India – who have helped bring meaningful change to young people’s lives."

Director Maria Francisca Perello after accepting the award

The foundation supports many projects across Spain and India, where it provides help in one of the poorest regions of the country. Being awarded the Laureus Sport for Good Award, Nadal became the first player to win both Sportsman of the Year and Sport for Good awards.

Laureus Sport for Good Chairman Sean Fitzpatrick derided the award as' well deserved.'

"This Award is incredibly well deserved. For over a decade, Fundación Rafa Nadal has worked tirelessly to change the lives of young people in Spain and India. The values that they embody – such as team spirit and respect – are expressed through physical activity in a way that is transforming families and communities."

"They are also the values which are at the core of Laureus. Their work will ensure that Rafael Nadal’s legacy will extend far beyond his incredible achievements in tennis over the last 20 years."


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