Nadal 'Doesn't Need To Prove Anything' In Potentially Last Roland Garros Says Corretja

Nadal 'Doesn't Need To Prove Anything' In Potentially Last Roland Garros Says Corretja

by Zachary Wimer

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Former ATP player Alex Corretja spoke about what might happen in Rafael Nadal's final Roland Garros event.

As things stand right now, this is likely the final time Nadal will play at Roland Garros. There is a minor chance it isn't, but given the way things have been going lately, there is a pretty decent chance it really is.

All of that is contributing to a very emotional event for all of his fans, including Nadal, for whom it might be the most difficult one he's ever played. His compatriot Corretja spoke about having Nadal in Paris with Eurosport, noting how important it is.

"We are waiting Rafa. Yes. Open arms for him. Everybody is hoping that he's going to be healthy and that we know that he's getting ready. He's been practicing on Chatrier to test himself and I think he needs to let it go, just go for everything he has. I think it's difficult to talk from the outside, but I hope that he can just go there and just do whatever he can."

When it comes to what will happen at the event, Corretja doesn't really expect anything out of the Spanish player. He's going to treat everything he gets as a gift because there was a pretty solid chance that Nadal could have missed the event. Having him play in Paris certainly is a gift.

"I'm not expecting anything, it's just go play and whatever comes is going to be a gift. He doesn't need to prove anything else. Not even to himself, not even to the whole world. So if he is able to be there and play one match, two matches, three matches, every match, every time he jumps on court he will be given the recognition he deserves."

"It's going to be a party. It's going to be something unbelievable and the crowd is going to be crazy with him. That's why we need Rafa in the tournament. I think it's going to be a major thing to have him in Roland-Garros this year."


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