Murray's 'Tragic' Injury 'Doesn't Look Good' With Race Against Time For Wimbledon

Murray's 'Tragic' Injury 'Doesn't Look Good' With Race Against Time For Wimbledon

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray was playing some of the best tennis he's played in a long time at the 2024 Miami Open, but in true Murray fashion, it ended with a disaster.

The Brit was battling Tomas Machac at the ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Miami, and he was doing quite well. He won the opening set but struggled to keep the same intensity as the match went on, and Machac was able to win the match in three sets.

The loss ended up being the secondary story because he actually injured himself in the match, and it's not a minor injury, either. After the match, Murray let fans know through social media that he ripped ligaments in his ankle, which is as horrible as it sounds.

The Brit already admitted in the update that he's going to miss an extended time, which could be very long. Speaking to Sky Sports, former player Martina Navratilova recalled her own ankle troubles.

She never ripped her ligament, but she still missed a long time with various sprains. Right now, Wimbledon chances for Murray look rather bleak.

"Time is not on Murray's side, it doesn't look good. I've sprained my ankle badly but I've never ripped a ligament. It's going to take a while. I don't know how you can recover well enough to feel stable and not hurt other body parts and to get back into this kind of playing shape. It's tragic and he's been through so much. I'm wishing him the best but it's not looking good."

Navratilova on Murray's injury

The last tennis player who suffered a really bad ankle injury, ripping ligaments, was Alexander Zverev, who missed six months of action.

That's a long time, and if Murray takes anywhere close to that, he's going to miss not only Wimbledon but also the US Open and the Olympics.


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