'Maybe Wimbledon Knew Something': Shriver On Controversial Poster With Alcaraz & Sinner

'Maybe Wimbledon Knew Something': Shriver On Controversial Poster With Alcaraz & Sinner

by Sebastian Dahlman

This year's Wimbledon featured a huge marketing controversy by putting youngsters Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner in front of some of the legends.

Another controversy at the event also included omitting Novak Djokovic, who has been the absolute ruler of Wimbledon for nearly a decade. The Serbian has been spectacular over the years, easily winning multiple trophies as nobody came really close to beating him.

It changed this year as Alcaraz finally dethroned Djokovic, handing him his first defeat in 10 years on the Centre Court. That match going Alcaraz's way was about as unlikely as you can imagine.

However, the event kind of foreshadowed it by centering the marketing campaign around him and Sinner. Djokovic was barely mentioned in the promo, which created a lot of outcry on social media from his fans. Former player Shriver looked back at that situation, finding it very curious.

When you think about one of the more interesting off-court marketing things, it was the Wimbledon poster right… the rivalry poster that had Alcaraz and Sinner walking down the steps.

Shriver on Wimbledon's poster

A lot of people didn’t [like it] but maybe Wimbledon knew something certainly given how close they’re in ages and their main contrast is a little bit of their game but it’s really that personality difference that makes it fun.

The rivalry between Sinner and Alcaraz has been growing steadily especially after Sinner bested Alcaraz once more at the China Open. It's a matchup that hasn't really good Alcaraz's way that much which is an exciting prospect for the future.

No player troubles Alcaraz as much as Sinner and we're going to see them battle for the next 10 years so in a sense, Wimbledon was right. It currently does look like the most fierce rivalry out of all the young players but it certainly won't be the only one.


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