'It's Been 10 Years': Berrettini Victoriously Relishes Long-Awaited Comeback

'It's Been 10 Years': Berrettini Victoriously Relishes Long-Awaited Comeback

by Zachary Wimer

Matteo Berrettini returned to the tennis courts recently, winning his first match in a long time to signal his comeback start.

The last time Berrettini played before his match at the ATP Challenger event in Phoenix was at the US Open, where he was playing against Arthur Rinderkench. He rolled his ankle badly, which forced him to retire from the match.

He was actually carted off in a wheelchair, which sort of showed how bad the injury was. Since then, it's been a very long journey back for Berrettini, who ultimately returned on the ATP Challenger Tour.

He played his first match back at the Challenger in Phoenix, which happens in the second week of Indian Wells and generally features many good players who crash out early from the tournament in Indian Wells.

The Italian's first match went well, and he won it in three sets. Berrettini seemed really happy after the match. He was just glad to be back on the court, joking that it's been ten years since he last stood on a court. It's actually been six months, but the point stands: it's been too long.

"I’m just so happy. It’s been 10 years! It was so long. It’s been almost seven months since my last match. I’m so happy that I was able to play, that’s what I told myself after I lost the first [set]. I was just appreciating the fact that I could play, so I’m really happy that I got the win."

Berrettini's choice to play in Phoenix as his return event wasn't a coincidence. He knows the event very well, having won it a couple of years ago. He also played there last year, making the quarter-final, so it's just a spot he knows and feels very comfortable at.

"I have great memories winning the title here, such a nice country club. I’m glad that I started the season here, hopefully I’m going to have many more matches here."


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