'It Pains Me To Say': Nadal Reveals Desire For His Son Not To Play Tennis

'It Pains Me To Say': Nadal Reveals Desire For His Son Not To Play Tennis

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal spent much of his career without having any spectacular obligations outside of the sport, but these days, he's a father.

Becoming a father was something Nadal always wanted to do, but he waited for the right moment for it to happen. As his career became less of a priority in recent years, the Spaniard finally became a father, and it's been a really great experience for him.

He enjoys the process, and he talked a bit about that in a recent interview with LaSexta. Asked what kind of father he is, Nadal explained that he's not the kind of 'typical' parent who will defend everything their kid does.

"I wouldn't like to be the typical father who justifies everything his children have done. At the moment I'm not in that position."

Nadal on fatherhood

Many assume that Nadal might guide his son into sports, and while that's an option, tennis doesn't seem like an appealing option. In a surprising revelation, Nadal admitted that he wouldn't like his son to go into tennis.

"I would prefer that [my son] practices another sport. It pains me to say it with everything that tennis has given me... If he wants to play tennis, I will support him. But if he plays another sport, better."

Nadal on his son playing tennis

It's an interesting statement from Nadal, but it's not the first time we heard it. Fabio Fognini famously said the same thing about his children. In some ways, it makes perfect sense because tennis is a very hard sport to play, and players are away from home for much of the time, making it hard to grow relationships.

Nadal would know it best, and had he opted for football, for example, when he was a kid, he might never have become as good, but his life may have been easier in many ways.


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