How Jordan Thompson Heroically Played 3 Matches In 7 Hours And Won 2 Trophies

How Jordan Thompson Heroically Played 3 Matches In 7 Hours And Won 2 Trophies

by Zachary Wimer

Jordan Thompson had an incredible week at the 2024 Los Cabos Open, winning both a singles and a doubles trophy.

If players could choose to have a good tennis week, they might as well do it in Los Cabos because it's one of the best places to do it. It's not because it would offer a ton of points, but it's a good spot to spend some time in.

Carlos Alcaraz was on vacation there during the off-season, and he's not the only one. Thompson could easily extend his stay in Los Cabos to enjoy the fruits of his labour. And what a labour it was for the Australian.

Due to the way the semi-final day unfolded, the event had a pretty bizarre schedule on its final day. The semi-final day extended quite a bit, meaning that the second semi-final between Alexander Zverev and Thompson finished after midnight.

Initially, Thompson had to play a doubles match after that singles match, but as he won and secured the final, the organizers likely obliged his request to push back the semi-final so he could rest up for the final.

The opponent in the doubles semi-final was Casper Ruud, his opponent in the singles final as well. The doubles were not played first because both singles semi-finalists were part of that doubles matchup, and they likely wanted to focus on their singles matches.

By the time they finished, it was too late to play it, so it got pushed back to Sunday. On Sunday, Thompson first beat Ruud to win the singles trophy.

He then beat him in the doubles again to secure the final and then won the doubles final with Max Purcell as well. So not only did he play three matches on the final day, he won all of them to win both the singles and doubles trophies.

That's an amazing week, especially considering he trailed Alex Michelsen 0-6, 1-4 and 15-40 earlier in the week.


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