'How Good Would He Be': Kyrgios Tipped For Success If He Gets Things 'Under Control'

'How Good Would He Be': Kyrgios Tipped For Success If He Gets Things 'Under Control'

by Sebastian Dahlman

Former ATP player Jimmy Connors thinks that Nick Kyrgios could be amazing if he only got things under control.

We've seen the best of Nick Kyrgios not long ago. His 2022 season caught everybody by surprise, not because people didn't think he could do it, but more so because it was not what we've gotten used to from him.

We saw a serious approach to both practice and tennis which immediately made all the difference. John McEnroe basically begged Kyrgios for years to finally dedicate himself to tennis believing him to be extraordinary and Kyrgios certainly proved him right.

This year wasn't like that because he struggled with injuries for much of it, and it's unfortunate because many think he could be great if things finally worked out for him. One of those is Jimmy Connors, who is a fan of his talent.

Kyrgios has the talent also and we've talked about a lot that if he could get that under control and he could figure out a way for it to work for him as opposed to against him and get on the winning trail, oh my god, how good would he be for the game, just as Nastase was great for the game.

You can't do that if you are not winning, even though he's trying. He's trying to get it but, for me right now, I would probably pick Nastase with the understanding that Kyrgios has the ability to be on that level if he would let it work for him.

We'll see what happens in 2024, but if Kyrgios remains healthy, there is no reason to doubt that he could do something similar to what he did in 2022. The talent was always there and it was mostly about the approach with him. If that's right then everything else is right.


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