'Highlight Reel Tennis, But Not Always Winning': Alcaraz Advised By Patrick McEnroe

'Highlight Reel Tennis, But Not Always Winning': Alcaraz Advised By Patrick McEnroe

by Evita Mueller

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Carlos Alcaraz had a chance to prove himself as a really great player against Djokovic at Roland Garros recently but he failed.

The Spaniard didn't lose because of his tennis but because of his mind as he simply got overwhelmed by the moment. It's not the first time Alcaraz dealt with something like that as he spoke about pressure more than once by now.

The mind is actually one thing that Djokovic does better than probably anyone, certainly a youngster who didn't play that much. His behaviour in the final was questioned by one former player who wants to see him learn to handle the moments better. His tennis for the most part was fine during the match but the cramps really derailed him.

By his own admission, it's probably more mental than physical which Patrick McEnroe agrees. Alcaraz looks formidable on the court so exertion likely didn't contribute to the cramps though it might. The second set was quite brutal.

I know it was hot that day, I know the second set was physical, but this guy has played a lot of long matches. It was nerves. Best of five matters because of the mindset, mentality, the hype, pressure, Novak, French Open.

Alcaraz is a very explosive player who is capable to produce some incredible winners and highlights. Still, that doesn't equate to winning tennis according to McEnroe. Djokovic demonstrates that better than anyone as his tennis is all about winning.

He's just way too uptight! You know in that first set you could just see he was just going for too much. The one thing you worry about with Alcaraz, you know, he's so explosive, he's so dynamic. These are the things that make him fun to watch.

It's cuz he's just, a lot of times, he goes for it when he doesn't have to go for it. And as I said, it's highlight reel tennis, but it's not always winning tennis. Particularly in the best of five, in a major, against Novak.


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