"He Should Be Respected" - McEnroe Backs 'Villain' Djokovic

"He Should Be Respected" - McEnroe Backs 'Villain' Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is often portrayed as a villain in tennis but the Serbian should be respected more according to former pro John McEnroe.

McEnroe has talked about Djokovic many times and very often has it been about the lack of respect the Serbian is getting. Ever since his emergence many years ago, Djokovic has been seen as a disruptor. First, he disrupted the perfect rivalry between Nadal and Federer and then the tennis order itself.

He's a player that speaks his mind, even on controversial topics never compromising his authenticity. It's not been particularly popular in the world with Nadal and Federer still easily ahead of him in terms of popularity. That lack of popularity slowly turned into a lack of respect and that's where McEnroe draws the line.

Novak hasn’t got as much respect as I think he deserves. I think he’s been fantastic. Obviously, he’s a player, but also the stance that he’s taken, even when you may not have agreed with him, even at times where it costs him. So he should be respected, as well, but he’s been the villain more often. The guy’s won 22 grand slams, for God’s sakes.

Roland Garros will give him a chance to earn number 23 but he won't be the only favourite at the event. Like Corretja, Becker and others, McEnroe too feels like Djokovic has a chance to win Roland Garros and he'll be particularly motivated by the absence of Nadal and the chance to eclipse the 22 number 'at his grand slams'.

Well, of course he has a chance. He’s on a quest to be the best ever and you know win the most majors, so right now it looks like he’s like he is the only guy left and you know could break more records. He’s tied with Rafa (Nadal on 22 Grand Slam titles), but he’s had a tough year and a half in a lot of ways and he’s also done some incredible things. Novak is always looking for some inspiration, some fuel and you know, he’s got some now he’s got a great chance.


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