Fognini Avoided Pressure About Leaving Italy to "Avoid Paying Taxes"

Fognini Avoided Pressure About Leaving Italy to "Avoid Paying Taxes"

by Alex Waite

Fabio Fognini revealed that people have tried to convince him to leave Italy to avoid paying more taxes.

The Italian player is currently ranked 46th in the ATP world rankings and he reached his highest level in 2019 when he broke into the top ten. In addition, the 35-year-old has won nine career titles throughout his career, which began when he turned pro in 2004 at the age of 17.

Throughout his professional career, Fognini has won $17,754,141 in competition prize money on the ATP Tour, although the number will be higher due to sponsorship and other revenue. While some players could be tempted to pay fewer taxes on their earnings by residing in tax havens, Fognini said his father wouldn't allow such a move due to his proud Italian heritage.

“Many people tried to convince me to change residence to avoid paying taxes. My father always said: 'You were born in Italy and you have to stay here. You will pay a fortune? That would mean you would have earned a fortune. And you’ll be in peace with yourself."

Fognini has been representing Italy at his home tournament in Rome this week. The 35-year-old faced Andy Murray in the first round of the Italian Open and progressed after beating the Brit in an intense three-set encounter.

Despite making millions from a successful career, Fognini has recently shared other views on the less high-profile side of the sport recently, such as travelling and injuries. As a result, the Italian player explained how he does not want his son to enter the sport.


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