Ferrero 'Not Impressed' By Alcaraz' Because He 'Knows His Skills'

Ferrero 'Not Impressed' By Alcaraz' Because He 'Knows His Skills'

by Kadir Macar

There are very few people who are not impressed with the way Carlos Alcaraz is playing right now or how his career unfolded.

Becoming the youngest world number one on the ATP Tour in a sport where we had legends like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and many more before him means something, and doing so by winning his maiden grand slam only made it more stylish.

Since then Alcaraz has largely backed up his achievement winning 10 trophies so far in his career and a pretty good chance of making another grand slam final at this year's Roland Garros. To get there he needs to only beat Novak Djokovic but he's done it before.

His coach Juan Carlos Ferrero had a very interesting response when asked about Alcaraz's level against Tsitsipas. It was sensational but for Ferrero, it's the level he's come to expect of Alcaraz knowing what he can do.

Impressed obviously about his level, yes, but obviously as well that I'm with him now for almost five years, so let's say I know the level he's able to play. So in that way, I'm not impressed at all because I know that he can play like this.

The most impressive things that he shows on maybe the most important moments of the tournament, so it's on the way to the end. This is the most important thing and most impressed for me that he is showing his best level against the best. So that's the most important thing.

Ferrero further broke down Alcaraz's game into the physical and technical aspects. The physical right now is perfect which is ideal as a potentially long match against Djokovic is looming. Technically he's in a pretty good spot being able to play in various ways in big moments. He's just really really solid at the moment and that's what you need to be to win a grand slam.

About technically or physically, both. I think the way he is playing, that he is able to make any shots on the court.If you ask him to go to the net in a match point, he is able to do it. Or if I ask to return and go to the net, he is able to do it and make the dropshot, or working a point like ten balls or maybe going for second one.

So that's the most impressed thing about him that he is able to do every kind of shot. Physically he is 100%. I think he is ready for the tournament, and he wanted to be like this. But, no, I'm not impressed because I know his skills, and it's like this.


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