Fabio Fognini To Play Doubles With His Coach Who Hasn't Played Since 2015

Fabio Fognini To Play Doubles With His Coach Who Hasn't Played Since 2015

by Balasz Virag

Fabio Fognini will play at the San Marino ATP Challenger event, and he'll actually play doubles with his coach, who hasn't played since 2015.

German Gaich is the coach of Fabio Fognini and has been for a while. The Argentinian is a former player himself, having played professionally until about 2015, when he played his last professional match. His career wasn't as successful as that of Fognini, as he had a career-high ranking of 740th back in 2009.

Fognini himself has been a pretty strong player for a good part of his career but struggled with results recently. The mercurial Italian is one of the most fun experiences in tennis because you never know what you're going to get.

He's spectacular in one game and very poor in the next one, which is simply part of his charm. He's playing his final year or years, which he admitted in an interview last year. It's the closing chapter of his career, one that has been mostly a battle with injuries as his body struggles to keep up with the demands of professional tennis.

He'll be in San Marino, though, where he'll play both singles and doubles. The doubles will be with his coach, who received a wild card entry into the draw as he's unranked and hasn't played a match since 2016. That's going to be a very interesting experience for the duo and probably a show that you shouldn't miss.

Fognini has been playing more doubles than singles lately and might continue to do so for a while longer. Tennis is very taxing with all the travels, though, something he spoke about when he admitted that he doesn't want his son to go into the sport. In any case, fans will be hoping to have him around for a while longer. How long? Nobody knows.


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