'Don't Want To Throw Away 3 Years Of My Career': Sinner Cautious With Recent Injury

'Don't Want To Throw Away 3 Years Of My Career': Sinner Cautious With Recent Injury

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner has no intention of rushing through his most recent hip injury because he's fully aware of how problematic it can be.

The tale of Rafael Nadal certainly sheds new light on hip injuries. While we've known about them for years due to various other injuries, such as Andy Murray's, they don't happen as commonly in tennis as ankle injuries, for example.

Sinner suffered some type of hip injury at the Madrid Open recently and had to withdraw from the Italian Open because of it. He held a press conference where he talked about it and admitted that he was in no rush to come back.

The reason is that the MRI clearly showed that his hip was a real problem. While the situation is in control, he's not going to rush to play just to play. He fully understands how these injuries can get worse and the ramifications of that.

"We thought it was not a serious problem. With the MRI we saw that there is something 100% wrong. We have everything under control. If it's not 100% cured I'll stay a little longer. I don't want to throw away 3 years of my career. I'm in no hurry."

Sinner on his hip injury

When he withdrew from the Madrid Open, very few believed he would be fully fit for the Italian Open. He got an MRI scan to get a better idea and then the decision was quite straightforward.

He admitted that also his French Open participation may be in doubt, but he doesn't seem too worried about it, which indicates how reasonable he is when it comes to his career, looking at it long term.

And he can learn from the best. Nadal attempted a few comebacks on his hip only to realize that he couldn't play after getting back on the court.


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