'Rushing Never A Good Idea': Nadal's Doctor Not Keen On Pushing Comeback Date

'Rushing Never A Good Idea': Nadal's Doctor Not Keen On Pushing Comeback Date

by Sebastian Dahlman

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We won't see Rafael Nadal on a tennis court until 2024 but there is a very good chance that we will see him at least once more in the future.

The Spaniard injured himself earlier this year at a point where he extended too much trying to get to Mackenzie McDonald's forehand. He finished that match standing but that would be the last we see of him on a tennis court this year. An injury left him unable to recover on time as he tried various things in order to find himself on the court.

As popularly advocated by doctors, surgery is the last resort and Nadal only opted for one after it became apparent that there was no other way. According to reports the surgery proved a success. It was performed in Barcelona by a team of experts who had worked on other players such as Milos Raonic and Lleyton Hewitt in the past. Ángel Ruiz Cotorro was one of them and he spoke about it afterward.

We reached this situation for various reasons. We had a core issue — injuring a muscle is not the same as a tendon. When we put it under large loads, the tendon was not responding because it was not strong enough.

The decision to operate Nadal wasn't made a long time ago as it happened fairly recently. The doctor confirmed that the team tried all kinds of various conservative options which is how the injury is generally treated. Due to it not responding to it very well, surgery became the only option. It went well and the recovery should take five months.

The decision to operate was made recently. We tried all the conservative options, which is how these injuries are normally treated. But when the situation doesn’t work, you have to take decisions. I’m happy because we’ve done what we wanted to… We’re very satisfied and if we respect the recovery times, I think he will be able to recover. Rushing is never a good idea. It’s five months, but we’re not pushing for a particular date.


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