Djokovic Starts 402nd Week As World No. 1, 100 More Than Rest Of Active Players Combined

Djokovic Starts 402nd Week As World No. 1, 100 More Than Rest Of Active Players Combined

by Evita Mueller

The list of achievements Novak Djokovic has is a long one and some of them are quite silly but still very impressive.

Novak Djokovic's achievements list is long, and sometimes you just have to go to silly lengths to show how great the Serbian is. Djokovic has now begun the 402nd week as the world number one, and that's more weeks than the rest of the active tennis player on the ATP Tour combined.

If you took all the other active players right now, Djokovic has more weeks as number one than all of them combined. It's a pretty silly comparison because the more you go down the list the fewer weeks you'll find but it just shows how great he is.

Regular comparisons just don't cut it anymore because we know he has more in terms of almost everything than other players, so you have to throw in the rest of the players in as well to show how utterly impressive he's been. After all, the weeks spent as number one was something he was obsessed with for a while.

He wanted to break Graf's record, and he wanted to make it even more impressive, which he's doing. The fact that he won the ATP Finals secured him a few free weeks as number one in the offseason as he hopes to keep it going.

It's going to be hard to maintain his ranking against some of these young players like Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner who are on the rise but he'll try his best. Even this record of 400 is ridiculous, as no singles player ever reached it.

It's pretty hard to imagine that anybody else will get there but time will tell. Alcaraz is certainly eager to prove everyone wrong and he's been number one already so let's see. For now, Djokovic is at 402 and that will be 403 next week.


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