Djokovic Refuses To Compare Alcaraz To His Long-Time Rival Nadal

Djokovic Refuses To Compare Alcaraz To His Long-Time Rival Nadal

Novak Djokovic doesn't think Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal are similar and wouldn't be the only one who thinks that.

Since Alcaraz broke out a few years ago, many have compared the Spaniard to Nadal. It just seems like a natural comparison to make, as he basically emerged at a time when Nadal's career was slowly going the other way.

While natural to make it doesn't mean Alcaraz himself favours it. He's generally not a fan of comparisons between himself and other legendary players, simply wanting to be the first Carlos Alcaraz instead of the second whoever.

For Djokovic, the picture is quite clear. There are some traits that both have, but for the most part, they're very different players, and he said it after his most recent win over the 20-year-old at the 2023 ATP Finals.

No, I don't. They are different players. In terms of the maybe great occasion and the feeling of the intensity on the court that he brings, yeah, there is some similarity. But he's a completely different player from Rafa.

Djokovic on Alcaraz and Nadal

Djokovic and Alcaraz played a really fascinating Wimbledon final earlier this year, which Alcaraz won. It was a huge shock to most people, including Djokovic, who likely expected to win that match. It motivated him to work even harder, and we've seen the fruits of that labor.

Their most recent match at the ATP Finals was the most lopsided in a very long time. Part of that is just the competitive nature of Djokovic, as Alcaraz brings out the best of him.

But, yeah, he does bring the best out of me. He makes me prepare for the match as best that I possibly can. That's where I probably would compare it to the preparations that I had in the matches against Nadal or Federer, where I had to come out every single time at the peak of my abilities in order to win against them.


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