'Djokovic Of 2023 Better Than Djokovic Of 2015' According To Mouratoglou

'Djokovic Of 2023 Better Than Djokovic Of 2015' According To Mouratoglou

by Evita Mueller

Noted tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou shared his thoughts on Novak Djokovic, believing that the Serbian is a better player now than eight years ago.

Novak Djokovic in 2015 was a very fine player finishing the year with an 84-7 record. Some of the events he won that year include the Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte-Carlo, Rome, Wimbledon, US Open, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, and the ATP Finals.

Let's not forget that he played in the Dubai final, the Roland Garros final, the Montreal final, and the Cincinnati Masters final. Basically, he was absurdly good that year, and believing him to be better is quite a statement from Mouratoglou.

He talked about the current version of Djokovic on his social media page, discussing how he sees him as a more complete player now than in 2015. The Serbian did some amazing things this year but look at that list from 2015. That's tough to beat.

It’s interesting to think if the Novak of 2023 is a better player than the Novak of 2015. I think the Novak of today is better. His game evolved, his confidence evolved, he’s played so many more matches. He has so much more height when looking at his game, looking at his opponent.

You can kind of understand what Mouratoglou is trying to convey, but it's still an interesting claim from the French coach. There is a significant difference in the age, and while the French coach maintains that Djokovic didn't drop physically, the claim could certainly be challenged.

He didn’t drop physically. If he had have dropped physically, then probably the Novak of 2015 would have been a better player than the Novak of 2023. But his fitness level I think is the same. He’s as fast, he’s as flexible, he’s as balanced when he hits his shots, he’s as resistant. So, he’s a better player today, yes.

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