Djokovic May Skip Rest Of 2024 Season To Fully Heal From Injury Suggests Roddick

Djokovic May Skip Rest Of 2024 Season To Fully Heal From Injury Suggests Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic recently underwent surgery for his knee, and former ATP player Andy Roddick could see him miss extended time.

The Serbian was enjoying a complicated but solid Roland Garros campaign when he slipped oddly in the match against Francisco Cerundolo, hurting his knee. He continued to play and actually won that match despite limping in between points.

After the match, Djokovic admitted that something was indeed hurt but wasn't sure what the injury or its extent was. It turned out to be a torn meniscus, which he opted to surgically repair just a day after the match.

Due to that, the 24-time major winner pulled out of Roland Garros. There have been credible reports that Djokovic might skip Wimbledon in favor of the Olympics.

According to former player Roddick, nothing is out of the question for Djokovic because he could even miss extended time. On his 'Served with Roddick' podcast, the American discussed what decision Djokovic might face in the coming weeks.

"A torn meniscus in your knee is not a massive thing when you are 24, 25, 26 years old, but this is the worst possible time because it's the shortest turnaround time between Slams."

"If he pulls out in two weeks, then it's bad and I think that puts the US Open in jeopardy, do you just call a wrap on this year and say 'Hey listen I'm really going to try to go really healthy, really big for one more season', but he doesn’t have to pull out."

Roddick makes an interesting point, but it's also the worst-case scenario for the world no. 3. Things could go this way, but they don't have to, as the recovery may be much faster than anticipated. Roddick, though, doesn't seem to think it will happen in just a month, not at his age, at least.


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