Djokovic 'Looking At Nadal & Federer' Not Margaret Court When Breaking Records Says McEnroe

Djokovic 'Looking At Nadal & Federer' Not Margaret Court When Breaking Records Says McEnroe

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic isn't thinking about Margaret Court when he thinks about records but rather Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, according to John McEnroe.

Djokovic comparing himself to his contemporaries shouldn't be surprising because he's battled these players for over a decade. Always quick to credit them as a reason for why he became as good as he became, Djokovic clearly wants to be the best among them.

McEnroe asserted his opinion while discussing Djokovic having a real shot of finally matching the record of Court. The Australian won 24 Grand Slam trophies, something no player matched since then. Serena Williams came close, but Djokovic is now the most likely to do so.

I would say that to me, I wouldn’t know because I was never in that position, but I would also say that Novak is in an incredible spot. I believe it’s a little bit apples and oranges with the men and women. I mean, it’s different — he’s looking at trying to get by Nadal and Federer I think more than he’s looking to get by Margaret Court.

But I’m sure when people bring that up, it becomes something that you feel is attainable and desirable because he wants to set records.

McEnroe is likely correct, but Djokovic respects those records as well. He's talked about wanting to surpass the record of Steffi Graf in terms of the number of weeks spent as number one, so he likely intends to surpass Margaret Court as well.

When it comes to handling the pressure that comes with it, McEnroe thinks he handled it well.

But I think he’s handled it incredibly well, actually. The fact that he’s passed Nadal and Federer is amazing, and the way he looks, he looks like he’s going to win multiple Slams more.

It feels like he could go on for another two, three, four years at this rate. It’s remarkable what we’re watching, and certainly him and Alcaraz are the two guys coming in that you figure the odds are pretty good that one of those two is going to win it.


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